World of Fries

WoF is a food chain concept gestated by a young commercialpilot. As a result of his extensive travelling and his love for French Fries,Sid, our client, came up with this idea of introducing a cool new brand thatpromises to serve the best and a vast variety of French Fries in the country.  

The moment we began ideating the brand, we knew we needed tocrack a cool young identity that represents the current generation. We wantedto build the core of the brand to have the heart of an open minded, mature, responsibleyet fun young adult. 

The idea of the brand germinated only because Sid got a chance to travel the world and so we wanted the essence of travelling to be one of our central concepts to begin with. Our brainstorming sessions consequently led us to words like; Journey, Exploration, Trip, Experience etcetera. Taking a trip to a certain place allows us to explore and experience life in a new picture, both mentally and physically. The physical exploration of travel, we thought was done to death and so we wanted to exploit the internal exploration.

Though not socially accepted, a psychedelic trip seemed like the perfect experience to describe a trip that allows you to explore an interesting new world without even traversing from a physical location. However the manifestation of a psychedelic trip is not direct in the visual elements,we hid the references into the overall brand voice. For instance, we called the menu, The Frychedelic menu. Coasters designed to look like stamps and Sticks of fries made to look like hallucinations.