The Bucketlist

The Bucketlist is a fresh perspective to a company that started off as a hiring agency, 6 years ago. Currently, their work includes everything from Branding to events to creating Brand Video Campaigns. With a clear intent and their heart in the right place, they aim at ticking dream projects off their client’s wish list.

Considering the audience they wish to target and their collective ideologies, we decided to try out design options that were simple but effective. A wish list or a Bucketlist is never complete without check boxes. In fact the check boxes are the ones that make a list, A Wish list. Also, we saw a lot of future potential in having a checkbox as the logo. The tagline ‘Whatever it takes’ fit right in,reassuring the idea of ticking the checkbox.

The final touch to the checkbox was the ‘tick’ in the negative space. This took the overall visual of the brand to a whole new level.  

So,Whatever it takes, don’t stop trying.