Pick a Pocket

Pick a Pocket is a food joint that serves one of Carl, a cheese maker’s self made recipe that he discovered while on one of his midnight hunger pangs. While a Pita Pocket is quite a famous snack around the world,Carl’s pockets are unique. Carl’s Pocket sandwiches are stuffed with varieties of kebab and topped with a whole lot of home made flavored cheese.  

Before we even began working on the identity, Carl insisted we visited him for a tasting session. The uniqueness of the Pockets was not because of the kebabs or the bread but the cheese. And so we decided to term the cheese in the pockets, the superhero and the kebab, the sidekick.

The idea of having a custom made type fit right with the overall journey of Carl trying to find a unique recipe. The Menu items are all named over famous Bollywood sidekick characters like ‘Crime Master GOGO’, ‘Circuit’ and ‘Pappu Pager’ etcetera.  

Go Pick a Pocket the next time you’re around kemps corner in Mumbai.