About us

­Have you ever had a large peg of rum with some spicy mango pickle on the side? Try it out; it’s a delicious combination. Pickles can make boring food interesting and interesting food incredible. It’s wonderful to see these diverse, bite-sized servings preserve their essence in little jars. And our Pickle is no different.

Pickle is an independent design studio, directed to bring in some flavor to the mundane. We focus on Brand Building, Communication and Spatial Design. Just like the stages of preparing a home made Pickle, we strive to pick all the right ingredients, marinate them with the right amount of flavor and spice to create or enhance a Brand Identity.We believe good designs seldom perish, and neither will our efforts to enhance the aesthetic quality of what surrounds us.

Getting viral on the Internet is a short-lived trend. Instead, let your timeless design and engaging stories do the talking.

Conceptualiser / Designer

Shiva Iyer

Effective endeavours begin with a meticulous imagination of the motive, the method and the intended outcome of the exercise ahead of time. Shiva is the creative visionary behind the core essence of how we pickle, what we pickle and why we pickle.

Visualiser / Designer

Jery John

In a time where only seeing is believing, the degree of aesthetic excellence and refinement through symbolism has an indispensable influence in communicating potent ideas. Articulating abstract concepts through intelligible design is Jery’s forte in our pickle jar.